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Advanced Molecular Diagnostics - The Future Today


Hereditary Cancer

Our Most Comprehensive Hereditary Cancer Test 

1 Test 8 Cancers

Hereditary Cancer

Hereditary Prostate Cancer Testing Designed for Patients with Prostate Cancer or At Risk for Prostate Cancer

1 Test 18 Genes

Molecular Tumor Testing

DNA Tumor Sequencing Panels Designed for Patients with Cancer

17 Cancer Panels

NewBorn GeneID Carrier Testing

Hereditary Carrier Testing Designed for Parents of Future Parents

1 Test 62 Diseases

Our Tests

Our Process

7239 - Mouth Wash.jpg

A simple non-invasive mouthwash sample is collected in your practitioner's office

DNA Glyph Color.jpg

The sample is sent to the Lab for processing and analysis

Clipboard Glyph.jpg

Once complete, a comprehensive report is sent back to the ordering practitioner's office

Teamwork color.jpg

Our medical team and genetic counselors work with the ordering practitioner to come up with the best plan

Our Technology

Next-Generation Sequencing. The Future of Medicine.

6525 - Atomic Structure I.png

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology

The most advanced and cost-effective technology for large scale genetic studies. Next-Generation Sequencing is the preferred method of choice for comprehensive clinical genetic testing.

Faster Results - Reduced Costs

The ability to test many different genes with a single test. 

6527 - Molecular Structure I.png
6527 - Molecular Structure I.png
6527 - Molecular Structure I.png

Dual Platform Sequencing Protocol

Utilizing multiple sequencing chemistries, deletion testing, and various orthogonal methods to confirm results allows us to get a fuller look at the genetic picture.

We Test Twice - So You Can Treat Once

6544 - Molecular Structure II.png

Full Gene Sequencing


We perform a full analysis of the coding regions, splice-site junctions, and neighboring intronic regions to get a more complete understanding of the genetic picture. This method allows for greater clinical utility and lower residual risks compared to simpler genotyping methods.

"I had five close relatives with breast cancer, and I was really anxious about what that meant for my own risk. After a negative BRCA test, my doctor was still not convinced." 
"We decided to run the full PrevenTest panel, and found a positive result on the PALB2 gene. It explained our family history, and gave me and my doctor preventative tools to catch cancer early." 

Our Promise

Simple. Ethical. Patient Minded Billing.





We Don't Believe Any Qualified Patient Should Go Without Testing Due to Cost. 

Our Accreditations and Affiliations

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