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NewbornGeneID is a simple non-invasive carrier screen that detects gene mutations (defects in the genes) that are linked to many of the most common and devastating diseases that can be passed unknowingly from parent to child. Newborn screening is a test for parents and prospective parents that provides information on whether an individual has gene mutation(s) that are linked to a disease. 

The results provide information on the likelihood that a child will inherit one of a number of rare diseases.

Because many genetic diseases are recessive, it is possible for someone to have 1 copy of the faulty gene without having any symptoms. This can go on for many generations without anyone recognizing that there is a mutation being passed down. These individuals are called “carriers” because they carry a faulty gene. The concern is that if an individual is a carrier and they want to have children with someone who is also a carrier, there is a risk that their children will wind up with 2 copies of the mutation and inherit the disease.

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Request a NewbornGeneID demo or provider resources from GeneID. Help your patients receive information about the risks of inherited diseases in their future children



Request a NewbornGeneID parents guide from GeneID. Learn about your risks, options, and protect your future

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