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WHAT is Hereditary Prostate Cancer?

Men with hereditary prostate cancer are born with DNA changes that increase their risk. Those DNA changes can be passed down from parent to child (Male or Female), putting entire families at risk for cancer. People with increased risk of developing cancer may need to begin screening at a younger age. Hereditary prostate cancer cases can  present at a younger age and can be much more aggressive. Fortunately, there are tailored therapies available for patients that already have a prostate cancer diagnosis and are seeking personalized treatment. Knowing is the first step.

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Should I Get Tested? 

All Men Can Benefit From The Knowledge Gained Speak To Your Doctor About Genetic Testing:


You can learn about your risk for developing prostate cancer, prevention, and treatment options


You can reduce your risk for additional cancers.

You can learn about your cancer and what personalized treatment options are available for you based on your genetics.

You can learn if your FAMILY is at risk.

Should I Be Tested if I am a Woman or if I am a Male with a Different Cancer?

Women that have male relative(s) with prostate cancer or a known hereditary prostate cancer mutation should be tested for carrier status. Men with a personal or family history of a cancer that is not prostate cancer can benefit from PrevenTest. PrevenTest can help men and women learn about their risk for developing one of the 8+ cancers linked to the same genes as prostate cancer. Knowing about increased risk can help your doctor put a prevention plan in place.

The best way to treat cancer is to prevent it.  

More Questions? Get In Touch!

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HOW Much Will It Cost?

Check with your provider to see whether your insurance will cover genetic hereditary prostate cancer testing based on your personal or family history. If your provider doesn't offer this service, please ask them to call us at 1-866-GENE-AMD or email us at 

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