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WHAT is ProstateGeneID?

Historically, cancer screening and treatment has been limited to blood tests and conventional cookie-cutter therapy, but today things are different. Traditional assessments don't tell the entire story about a patient.


Designed for Urologists, ProstateGeneID, a hereditary prostate cancer screening test, helps clinicians determine the level of risk for developing hereditary prostate cancer, as well as the preventative measures and personalized treatment options available only to carriers.


ProstateGeneID is a non-invasive prostate cancer genetic test that is collected in your office via a non-invasive mouthwash specimen. 

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The Time is Now

Personalized Treatment Designed for Urologists

Is ProstateGeneID Right for your Practice?

ProstateGeneID was designed with Urologists in mind, however, all providers can benefit from testing their patients with and without cancer. 

This panel may be applicable to patients who present with a history reflective of features that are typical of families with hereditary prostate cancer, such as:

  • A known familial mutation or limited knowledge of family history

  • A family and/or personal history of prostate cancer

  • A family and/or personal history of multiple relatives that have the same or linked cancer. 

  • A family and/or personal history of cancers that were diagnosed at an abnormally  young age (<40 years of age)

  • A family and/or personal history of rare cancers (such as ovarianpancreatic, or male breast

  • A family and/or personal history of cancers that developed in both organs of a paired organ set (such as both breasts or kidneys)

  • A personal history of cancer that occurred independently on the same patient. 

Female Patients or patients with cancer other than prostate may benefit from Hereditary Cancer Screening. ​

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